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When using PoolManager, add the namespace to the top of the script file: 'using PathologicalGames;'

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Optional Events

OnSpawned  Runs each time an instance is spawned.
OnDespawned Runs each time an instance is despawned.

PoolManager Class Members

 Pools Pools is the primary means for accessing PoolManager's instance ("spawn") pools. 

SpawnPool Class Members

 CreatePrefabPool Creates a new PrefabPool in a SpawnPool to allow prefab-specific options such as instance 
 Despawn If the passed transform is managed by the SpawnPool, it will be deactivated and made available to be respawned.
 GetPrefab Returns the prefab used to create the passed instance. This is provided for convenience as Unity doesn't offer this feature.
 group The SpawnPool's 'Group' is the GameObject which has the SpawnPool component and is the default parent of all instances in the pool.
 logMessage Static access to the debug message logging state.
 Spawn Use Spawn() instead of Unity's Instantiate().

PrefabPool Class Members
This class is not accessable directly. See these links for more information
    See 'Per-Prefab Options' for information about each of the settings/options available.
    See SpawnPool.CreatePrefabPool() for usage information