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class Pools["poolName"] : IDictionary

returns: SpawnPool

Pools is the primary means for accessing PoolManager's SpawnPools. 

Note the use of square brackets when providing the name of a pool:

// Print the number of spawned instances in a pool called "Enemies"

Class Members

 AddOnCreatedDelegateRegisters a C# method to be run when the Pool is created. Solves Awake() races.
Returns true if Pools contains a SpawnPool with the given name. See also TryGetValue.
 ContainsValueReturns true if Pools contains a SpawnPool reference.
Return the number of SpawnPools in Pools
 CreateCreates a new SpawnPool
Destroys an entire SpawnPool. This MUST be used if destroying a pool to recreate it in the same frame (before Unity clears its destroy queue). Otherwise, this is just a convinince to destroy a pool by name. You can also just use GameObject.Destroy(...)
 DestroyAllDestroy ALL SpawnPool
 ToStringReturns a nice clean list of all the pool names. This is already used in message logging.
 TryGetValue Use this to get a reference to a SpawnPool when you aren't sure if it exists. This is faster than using Contains to test then getting the pool directly.