Welcome to PoolManager!
Instance pooling and preloading for Unity game development

1. Follow This Guide to get a quick but in-depth understanding of how PoolManager works.

2. Example Files

Example files are included in the Unity asset package. To choose not to install these files, simply uncheck the box during import in Unity.

Here are some items of interest demonstrated by the scene found in this package...
  • PoolManager's LogMessages check-box is on, so try clicking the pause button before pressing play to read a log of what is happening just during game start

  • Contains a PoolManager object which defines a pool as shown in the docs above
  • An object with a MonoBehavior script that works with the pool created in the PoolManager component's Inspector interface. This will spawn 50 instances and then de-spawn everything in the pool

  • An object with a MonoBehaviour script that creates a pool entirely from code and then spawns 50 instances over time before de-spawning and culling the pool.

  • Contains several objects in the scene with the PreRuntimePoolItem component to demonstrate the various settings and allow you to see how they work with pre-loaded and run-time spawned pooled instances