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4. Pooling Pre-Runtime

If you have objects placed in your scene that you want to be managed by PoolManager, add the component 'PreRuntimePoolItem' from Component > Path-o-logical > PoolManager  

Here is what it would look like if you wanted a "Cube" to be managed as shown in #2 Per-Prefab Options.

Pool Name
Type in the name of the pool this instance should be added to.

Prefab Name
Type in the name of the prefab used to make this instance.
This couldn't be a drag&drop reference because Unity will see this as a self-reference rather than a reference to the prefab after instanciation.

Despawn On Start
Set this ON to have the instance start the game in a despawned state.
This just cues the object and will not guarantee that it will be used in the same position and rotation it was in before the game was started. If you need this, please come to the forums so we can discuss it.

Do Not Reparent
Set this OFF to use PoolManager's normal behaviour which places all instances under a (empty game object used for organizational purposes only). Turn this ON for special cases where re-parenting will break the game.

Using This Component With Prefabs

It IS safe to add this to a prefab that is used both pre-runtime and during runtime. HOWEVER, be aware that this component utilizes the Start() event (which will run when a prefab is instantiated) so it is recommended that you add this component to the prefab but then deactivate it using the check-box in Unity's Inspector to the left of the name of the component.